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Here we show a selection of pictures of the property, the gardens and surrounding views. We hope this gives you an authentic 'feel' of the place.

The property was constructed in 2015 and situated is on two floors. The entrance is via the patio area to the main living area. It is traditional design faced with field-stone from local fields, but the interior is ultra modern. The house is set in an acre of mature grounds as you can see. We, as owners, often stay in the main house (separate entrance and driveway) and are on hand to answer queries should you need local information...but we will not intrude on your privacy.

The pool is 'hidden' behind a hedge about 40 metres from the house. Once there you will enjoy spectacular views across 50 kms of the Rhone valley and, to the east, you can see the beginnings of the Alps in the distance. Guests love this tranquil and private spot. We open the pool in May and this is a great time to explore local villages and restaurants. In late June and July the lavender and sunflower fields are in full bloom and the air is heavy with the their scent. August is consistently hot and is a lazy month and we usually reserve a week or so for our family; many an evening spent eating on the patio under starry skies. September is still warm and the evenings a little fresher, but the pool stays open till October when the trees begin to turn and stunning autumn colours burst onto the foothills of the local mountains, be prepared for amazing sunsets over the western ranges at this time of the year.